January 4th, 2012 Newsletter


  • Caribelinq in “Life is Living Festival”-news article
  • SambaFunk Carnaval classes w/ King Theo I -  Sun(OAK) (Ongoing)


  • Open Call for “You are Beautiful” exhibition @ SF, CA
  • “Carlos Aldama’s Life in Batá” book


  • Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Dolls and Masks @DeYoung Museum, SF, CA


  • Tower of Power Jan 03-Jan 8, 2012 @ Yoshi’s Oakland, CA
  • Zongo Junction, Turkuaz, & Antioquia Sat Jan 7, 2012 @Ashkenaz, Berkeley, CA
  • Coro Hispano de San Francisco Sat Jan 7, 2012 @ Mission Cultural Center, SF, CA
  • Kamatana & Stephen Kent Sun Jan 8, 2012 @Ashkenaz, Berkeley, CA


  • Brazilian New Year’s Dance Workshop Sat Jan 7, 2012 @ Malonga Center, Oakland, CA

CaribelinQ Events

As an invading army of 99 percenters assembled in New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and other major cities, Oakland responded by undermining the cultural status quo – and spreading the love by getting grassroots, multicultural and life-affirming with it.

A week of build-up came to beautiful fruition with Saturday’s Life is Living festival, which attracted thousands to DeFremery Park, rechristened Bobby Hutton Park in honor of the Black Panther icon. You might say an undercurrent of cultural militancy was in evidence at the festival: slogan-laden blue posters in honor of the Panthers advertised the festivities in the weeks and days leading up to the event, lending an air of consciousness and dignity to marketing efforts.

There was so much going on at Life is Living … it was almost overwhelming – with Hood Games, promoting skateboarding for kids, Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle (more on this later), a petting zoo and the large art installations by local artists – including a brilliant tribute to Hutton by Brett Cook, Youth Speaks poetry slam; beatbox/freestyle ciphers, food justice and permaculture demonstrations, a “stem-posium” and the off-the-chain live performances by Pete Escovedo, Raw G, Ryan Nicole Peters and Kev Omoaghe Akhidenor, Los Rakas and Sarai Knowledge.

Read more at oakland-local

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SambaFunk! Carnaval Explosion with King Theo

Experience Carnaval Bloco Movements, Samba, Samba Reggae, Funk Step’n

All Levels – All Ages – Men’s Samba Technique

Dance * Fitness * Culture * Community

Check out new photos on Facebook!

Oakland Artists Welcome FELA CastOakland Artists Welcome Fela Cast
Brazil Beats and BlocosBrazil, Beats & Blocos
Prince and Michael Jackson Party
Prince and Michael Jackson Party – Cultura360 View

King Theo dances onstage with FELA Queens

 Video of Theo with Fela Queens

Weekly Dance Classes:

Sunday Afternoons 4pm – 6pm
Malonga Center for the Arts
1428 Alice Street @ 14th Street
Downtown Oakland, California, USA
Studio A / 2nd Floor
$10 / LIVE Drums
bring a few extra $$$ to tip the drummers……

center: 510.238.7224


Weekly Drum Classes

Sunday Afternoons 4pm – 5pm
Malonga Center for the Arts
1428 Alice Street @ 14th Street
Downtown Oakland, California, USA
Studio b / 2nd Floor

Drummers rehearse for an hour then play for dance class from 5-6pm

Calling ALL Drummers-come and drum with the funkiest group around!

For more info: http://sambafunk.com

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Community Support

MCCLA GALLERY – January 14- February 14, 2012

‘You Are Beautiful’ is a simple, powerful statement aspiring to create moments of positive self realization. The intention behind the message is to be received as a simple act of kindness, an innovative approach to a fundamental concept. This is an open call to make your own ‘You Are Beautiful’ piece. Any size & media. Prior artist experience is helpful, but not required.

This exhibition is inspired by a 2005 Los Angeles exhibition that resulted in over 100 works from 50+ artists from around the world.

Work may be curated for the exhibition itself. All works will be documented and displayed on the website, or in future publications. You may have your work returned to you, or installed on the streets of San Francisco at the end of the show.

All work is due (Postmarked) by Friday, January 6th, 2012 in San Francisco.

For more info:  YOU-ARE-BEAUTIFUL.COM/MCCLA.html

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Carlos Aldama’s Life in Batá

By Umi Vaughan and Carlos Aldama

Carlos Aldama - Life in Bata

This title is not yet available. You may pre-order this item and it will be shipped to you when it is available.

Batá identifies both the two-headed, hourglass-shaped drum of the Yoruba people and the culture and style of drumming, singing, and dancing associated with it. This book recounts the life story of Carlos Aldama, one of the masters of the batá drum, and through that story traces the history of batá culture as it traveled from Africa to Cuba and then to the United States. For the enslaved Yoruba, batá rhythms helped sustain the religious and cultural practices of a people that had been torn from its roots. Aldama, as guardian of Afro-Cuban music and as a Santería priest, maintains the link with this tradition forged through his mentor Jesus Pérez (Oba Ilu), who was himself the connection to the preserved oral heritage of the older generation. By sharing his stories, Aldama and his student Umi Vaughan bring to light the techniques and principles of batá in all its aspects and document the tensions of maintaining a tradition between generations and worlds, old and new. The book includes rare photographs and access to downloadable audio tracks.

To purchase, go here.

Artistic / Cultural Offerings

Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Dolls and Masks

Through February 26, 2012

De Young Museum

50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive

Golden Gate Park


Ralph Eugene Meatyard (American, 1925–1972) is not one of the most familiar names in photographic history, but his impact on the field, belatedly recognized, is significant. An optician in Lexington, Kentucky, Meatyard sustained a lifelong interest in visual perception. Well read and deeply connected to a circle of poets and philosophers, he made photographs rich in literary allusion. In his last decade, Meatyard kept returning to the tropes of dolls and masks, often photographing his children posed in abandoned houses and landscapes in the environs of his home.

These pictures put an uncanny spin on family photography, exploring the contrasts between youth and age, childhood and mortality, intimacy and unknowability, sharing and hiding. Drawn from the photographer’s estate, and including three prints recently acquired by the Fine Arts Museums, this exhibition of almost 60 photographs examines dolls and masks across different bodies of work as a window onto this enigmatic photographer’s larger practice.

Events Around the Bay

Tower of Power

Jan 3-Jan 8, 2012

Yoshi’s Oakland

Oakland, CA


For over 40 years, Tower of Power has been creating their own kind of soul music. Since 1968, Tower of Power has delivered their unique brand of music to their fans, appearing before sold out crowds as they tour the world each year. Tower’s sound can be hard to categorize, but the band’s leader and founding member, Emilio Castillo, has labeled their sound as “Urban Soul Music.”


Tower’s rhythm section lays down a groove like no other band. The band’s horn driven sound is unique, and the way they approach everything, from writing and arranging to mixing and performing, is totally their own. Combine all of that with an outstanding lead vocalist and you have one of the most dynamic groups of musicians to ever hit the stage.


For more info:



Zongo Junction



Sat Jan 7, 2012



1317 San Pablo Ave.

Berkeley CA

Brooklyn’s hot young Zongo Junction is a big band with a bigger sound. With electric guitars, layers of percussion, and four horn players, Zongo Junction delivers incendiary Afrobeat in the best tradition of the late Nigerian legend Fela Kuti (the award-winning Broadway musical “Fela!” attests to the style’s universal popularity). The Zongo Junction members grew up playing jazz and other American music forms. Most are recent New York University or New School graduates. All are in their early 20s, and four are Berkeley High Jazz Ensemble alums. Berkeley-reared drummer Charles Ferguson spent six months in Ghana during 2008 studying African xylophone while in music school. The wild cornucopia of styles he heard there inspired him to start Zongo Junction. “There was a ton of highlife and funk in Ghana,” he says, “but Fela lived there for a while and used a lot of Ghanaian musicians, many of whom still live there.”


Also from Brooklyn and using a large band format, Turkuaz was formed by Taylor Shell and Dave Brandwein, who met at Berklee College of Music in Boston. As members of the Galaxy Smith Digital Media Collective (Galaxysmith.com) they are now kicking things into high gear with their high energy funk big band. Influences range from the Talking Heads to James Brown, P-Funk to Jamiroquai, in an eclectic mix of funk influences and sounds from all over the board.

In light of reactions to the Occupy movement, Antióquia’s song “Police Brutality” is up-to-date, plus you can dance to it! The Bay Area band Antióquia, known for its driving fusion of psychedelic rock and rhythms from the African Diaspora, jumps into the new year with fresh sounds and some fan favorites. Peppered with fits of improvisation, bouts of silliness and fiery percussion pieces performed amidst the crowd, an Antióquia set is high energy, captivating, and anything but predictable. Birthed in Colombia, bred in the Bay Area and based in Oakland, Antióquia makes music that inspires raucous dancing and deep listening. With influences ranging from Mahavishnu Orchestra to Afro-Colombian songstress Toto La Mompasina and traditional music from West Africa, Antióquia ‘s primary mission is to unite humans in the healing act of dance.

For more info: http://www.ashkenaz.com/

Coro Hispano de San Francisco

Sat Jan 7, 2012

Mission Cultural Center

2868 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA

Founded in 1975, the Coro Hispano de San Francisco is a chorus of the Spanish-speaking communities of the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to exploring and performing the choral literature of the peoples of Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Ranging from the 12th through the 20th century, this repertory embraces both classical and folk music from all parts of the Hispanic World, as well as ethnic music in Amerindian tongues. Conjunto Nuevo Mundo is an ensemble of professional vocalists and instrumentalists dedicated to the parallel repertory of vocal chamber music and solo literature of Iberian and Latin American composers. Performing together as a company, the Coro and Conjunto provide a rich and vibrant energy that makes every concert a celebration.

For more info:http://www.missionculturalcenter.org/, http://www.corohispano.org/concert_2011.html


Stephen Kent

Sun Jan 8, 2012



1317 San Pablo Ave.

Berkeley CA


An amazing discovery for world music fans, Kenya’s obokano band Kamatana plays Ashkenaz on its first U.S. tour, with didgeridoo master Stephen Kent opening, then joining the group at the end of the concert. Kent believes that this may be the first time the obokano, a Kenyan harp, has been heard here. Known as “the people’s lyre,” the obokano has also been dubbed “the double bass of East Africa.” It has eight strings that produce a deep buzzy sound reminiscent of a bass saxophone. When combined with vocals and percussion, it provides a strong rhythmic accompaniment.


Pioneering didgeridoo virtuoso Stephen Kent was raised in East Africa and England. As music director of Australia’s Circus Oz, he discovered an affinity for the didgeridoo, one of the world’s most ancient instruments, and a need to learn about the culture of its Australian Aboriginal creators. “Awakening to the Aboriginal world was like my own Big Bang,” Kent explains. “For me, the recreation of a musical universe on the didj, the culture of one note, continues to this day.”


For more info: http://www.ashkenaz.com/

Music/Dance Classes & Workshops

Feliz Ano Novo


Happy New Year Dance Workshop

January 7, 2012, 4:00 to 5:30pm

Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts

3rd Floor Studio C

1428 Alice Street

Oakland, CA

$12 Adults $5 youth


Welcome the New Year in Brazilian Style:Dressed in White!!!

A Brazilian Dance Workshop with Isaura Oliveira

“A spiritual journey of rhythm, voice and movement ”


LIVE MUSIC led by Wagner Profeta dos Santos, musicians with experience are welcome to join. We welcome drums, percussion, flute, voice. We plan on Ijexa’- the rhythm for Afoxe’ Parade and more rhythm may come!!! Afoxe’: group of people playing, singing and dancing “Orixa” on the streets.

It is known as Candomble on the street without the religious but the social

In Bahia, we have Afoxe Filhos de Gandhi, Afoxe Badaue, Kori Efan among many others.

Brazilian New Year’s Dance Workshop  Sat Jan 7, 2012 @ Malonga Center, Oakland, CA

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